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Cevizlidere, Cevizlidere Mah. Muhtarlığı, Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

For Sale

0.1 ETH


In the heart of Ankara, Turkey, a Misuc appeared inside a Starbucks café. The creature moved with a confidence and swagger that caught the eye of everyone in the room.

The Misuc ordered a coffee, and as it waited for its drink, it began to dance to the music playing in the café. Its movements were fluid and unpredictable, and the other patrons watched in amazement as the creature defied all expectations.

As the Misuc sipped its coffee, it struck up a conversation with a group of locals. They talked about life, art, and the challenges of living in a world that demands conformity.

The Misuc listened intently, offering a different perspective on each topic. Its words were wise and full of humor, and the group found themselves laughing and nodding along in agreement.

Before leaving, the Misuc gave each of them a small piece of art, a token of its time spent with them. And as it left the café, the patrons couldn't help but feel a sense of hope and joy. They knew that they had just witnessed something special, a moment of rebellion and creativity that would stay with them forever.



Property Details

Property Type

Genesis 1




Teleport Year



Misuc Location

Cevizlidere, Cevizlidere Mah. Muhtarlığı, Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

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